POLAMBEX - best Boston area amber jewelry.  POLAMBEX offers the highest quality Baltic amber jewelry from the most creative artists and artisans of Poland.


Poland is well known and established on international markets for the quality and beauty of its amber. All earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces are made from sterling silver (.925) and natural Baltic amber, certified by the international Amber Association.


Amber is the fossilized resin from pine trees extinct for 30 to 90 million years. It is particularly abundant along the shores of the Baltic Sea. Unique inclusions of insects or leaves can sometimes be found trapped in the stone. Amber, also known as "gold of the north" was much valued as an ornament and used as trade currency in very early times. It has been found in Neolithic and Bronze-age dwellings of Greece, Denmark, Switzerland and England. People of Pomerania in northern Europe were making jewelry from amber up to 4,500 years ago. It appeared in ancient Greece about 1,800 BC. At this time Baltic amber was also used in Egypt (it was found in Tutankhamen's Tomb). It was also transported via the so called "amber route" to Rome where it became extremely popular during Nero's reign.  Today, as in ages past, amber is one of the most highly valued and fashionable stones. Many outstanding jewelry designers work with amber and artists use it to create unique works of art.  Amber is mostly set in silver, sometimes in gold and often in combination with other precious stones. 

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